Jaw harping transmitted at SALTO1

Excerpt of my jaw harps performance at Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam edition September 2017

Included in Future Vision Amsterdam (Underground Arts and TV show) on SALTO 1, and the SALTO livestream

salto_logo_rgb freefringeposter-e1457055191862


Friday 23 December and Saturday 24 December at 23:30 GMT+1 plus repeats (at suprise times)

SALTO 1 UPC Digital channel 32

The show is available to view for a few days after broadcast via the SALTO website http://www.salto.nl/

Also accessible at CHIBBY CHANNEL


Enter the subversive world of Future Vision Amsterdam. Fay Heady leads you through animation, surreal interludes and chats with artists, celebrities and film-makers, whilst floating through the air on her magic carpet.