Irregular Jaw Harp Radio Episode 1: Afghanistan

Instalment 1 of a series of broadcasts about jaw harp and jaw harp accompanied music. Each instalment comprises a compact selection of obscure recordings in a regional context. Each selection will be shared with irregular intervals. So no promise about when the next instalment will be available.

The first episode makes you acquinted with solo chang (jaw harps) and ensembles including chang recorded in Afghanistan between 1956 – 1968: 

Afghanistan Et Iran, track B4 Solo De Tchang (Guimbarde – Chan (Jew’s Harp) Solo. Recorded in 1956 by Jean-Claude Lubtchansky, S. Lubtchansky
Duration 1:24 

Folk Music Of Afghanistan Vol. 2, track B7 Chang Harp [Chang] – Boran Gul. Recorded in 1967 by Lorraine and Tom Sakata
Duration 1:26

Musiques classiques et populaires d’Afghanistan, track B2 Orchestre Amateur. Recorded in 1967 by Bernard Dupaigne,.
B2 Orchestre Amateur
Goblet Drum [Tabla] – Unknown Artist
Jew’s Harp [Cang] – Unknown Artist
Lute [Dambûra], Chimes – Unknown Artist
Vocals – Bangeca Tâshqurghânî
Duration 5: 13

Afghanistan untouched, disk 1, track 8 Bai Mohmad – Song from Wakhan. Recorded in 1968 by Mark Slobin
Duration 5:54

Irregular Jaw Harp Radio Episode 1: Afghanistan

Afghanistan Et Iran Folk Music Of Afghanistan Vol. 2 Musiques classiques et populaires d'Afghanistan Afghanistan Untouched