Myths and legends of the symbolic key that opens the doors of our soul and mind.

There is no universal  answer to the question what exactly happiness means. It is one of the oldest philosophical mysteries of humankind – and each individual has to find his / her own answer to it. Diego Pascal Panarello is going on a humoristic and poetic road trip tracing back the origins of a small, unimpressive musical instrument that seems to be the key to personal happiness for countless people around the world.


After years drifting, Diego returns to Sicily. His dream of becoming a musician has not worked out. He has no job and no plans for the future but the sound of an ancient musical instrument, the mouth harp, points the way. From the torrid coasts of Sicily, Diego journeys to the frozen flatlands of Yakutia in Siberia where he becomes part of a prophecy from a century ago. The “sound of happiness” is at last there.


Director: Diego Pascal Panarello

Nominated for Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize

World premiere 1 november, 22:15 · DOK Leipzig Germany