Mouth Harp Day – Saturday 20 June 2015 – from 14:00 at De War – Amersfoort – The Netherlands

Festival for mouth harp musicians, mouth harp makers and audience. The jews harp is an instrument that has devoped all over the world. In many countries, there is a lively jews harp scene and a long tradition. In the Nethelands, only a few musicians play it. All the more reason to come to De WAR and celebrate your favorite musical instrument! There will be a programme with: Phons Bakx, René Paes, Steven Stoop, Harm J. Linsen, Danibal, Coen van Hoboken, Sylvian Trias and Maxim Chapochnikov. Performances, workshops, jam sessions, films and more.

Phons Bakx thumb Danibal thumb Steven Stoop thumb Harm Linsen Rene Paes Oermuziek Mondharp thumb maxim_chapochnikov_middle_28792 Coen van Hoboken thumb Silvian Trias

 Entrancing senses of peace and joy awake as the sounds from the Jews-harps fill the space; rousing the minds like notes from ancient times transferred to today.

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De War Amersfoort

What is De WAR?
De WAR is the home of, amongst others, the SpullenmannenTransitielabFabLab AmersfoortStudium Generale Amersfoort and OpenToko. You can follow De WAR (mostly in Dutch) through and facebook.

De WAR is an open laboratory in the former food dye factory Warner & Jenkinson in Amersfoort. Inventors and artists will find a workshop, open knowlegde and a place to experiment. Starters can rent an affordable office, shared with other creative minds. The audience can experience the latest developments in science, art, innovation and sustainability. De WAR is located at Geldersestraat 6 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.