Magical Poem – Galsansukh Baatr

As in the clouds, a golden breasted and silver buttocks boy
Plays jaw’s harp sinking in bliss and joy,
Me, while standing and imbibing egg and watching myself
In mirror thinking “You won’t be fixed and improved”
The yellow green bee intertwine the stems of
Bright blue, deep marine and soft
Red flowers collecting honey like pure gold
Before the watery rain from the horizon of the sky
Unrecognizable marking, a sign, signal, gesture
The gate of Valhalla – land of souls of warriors seen and
Died like the silver forks between the cloud’s gap. The time
Becomes a turtle, turns into a fast horse
Then is beaten by the hurriedly falling rain drops
And shatters disappearing then turns into pond
And then runs into the nest of ants
And my standing at the totally drenched granite square
Where the monuments of birds, marmot and antelopes illuminate
It seems like I cross the ocean skipping the continents
Standing on the countless many black bugs
The raindrops dripping from my wings spatter crackling
On granite square like pearl necklace is torn off on forehead
A glossy black crow flaps its wings slicing through heavy moist air
Lands on my shoulder elegantly and croaks voicing like gur gur.

Galsansukh Baatr

Mongoolse gebedsvlag