16 september 2017 Oempa Loempa Hippies Festival, De Banken, Zeewolde

Oempa Loempa Hippies Festival 2017 Rene Paes

17 september 2017 Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam Badhuistheater  15;00

Jaw harping: drones, overtones & beats

Welcome to the world of mouth resonated primal music from 5000 years ago up to the present day. With pocket tools known as jaw harp, jews harp, mouth harp, maultrommel, guimbarde, morchang, vargan, khomus, and a thousand more names. Introduced into Europe via the silk roads from Southeast Asia in the Middle Ages. Practised by monks, travellers, soldiers, tramps and fools. Applied in many styles from folk, experimental, ceremonial to classical music. Conserved as a children’s toy and in cartoon soundtracks. Don’t expect an impressive line up, Rene invites you to a one man performance with drones, overtones & beats, evoking ancient times.
at Sin Sin Collective’s Hellfire Club